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The zero future

Four-year-old AstaZero is stage centre when you talk about keys for a successful industry in general and autonomous transports in specific. As the world’s first full-scale test bed for active safety in transport systems, the test site is indispensable to the automotive clusters of Sweden and beyond.


Street smart cities

Urbanisation is accelerating all over the world; today it’s more common that larger cities drive innovation rather than countries or stand-alone industries. This situation together with the challenges on rapid growth many cities decided to make themselves ‘smart’. Smart here meaning connected, information based and innovative. And one of the important keys in creating a smart city is the utilisation of successful industry knowhow.


Planely better

Mixing old ways with modern tech in a lean way, often makes things far better. Here an airplane rebuilt to run better, smarter and cheaper. The Airbus neo aircraft brings less fuel burn, additional payload and longer range among other benefits.


E-mobility by two wheels

The quiet revolution is already over us. We hear a lot about electric cars, buses, trucks, ships and planes. But the fastest growing segment in electric mobility today is e-bikes and e-scooters.



Balancing climate and cost

The success of the German StreetScooter is all about the needs both of a sustainable future and to make sure manufacturing is extra lean. And with only a few years in the bag, the yearly production of 2.000 electro-mobile vehicles kind of speaks for itself. The electric delivery unit StreetScooter is really making a big impact in the transport sector.


(r)evolution at Volvo group

As an ongoing project, The Volvo group is about to do one of the most remarkable changes in leadership ever done by a big international company. The company, with 100.000 employees worldwide, is looking at lean leadership with at new perspective.